In Sight: Unsubsidised UK Solar
by Gerard Wynn and Gerard Reid

We are proud to support this report, which shows how solar power will have an increasingly important role in European power markets. Britain is already closing in on the economics of solar power in Germany, showing the benefits of a predictable regime of support to date. Britain is benefiting from solar cost reductions achieved through market growth and technical innovation over the past decade in Germany and globally.

Germany has shown the benefits of solar power, as an industrial strategy to generate jobs, and as a clean, flexible, secure source of energy. Solar is also extremely fast to build, a benefit Japan is reaping this year, installing multiple gigawatts in record time, and so protecting the grid from the continuing shut-down in the country’s nuclear fleet.

You can download the complete report and the press release.

THEMA1 & GS1 Germany:


Produktnachhaltigkeit gemeinsam definieren – Globale Hot-Spot Initiativen im Vergleich

Rasmus Priess, 2013

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Collectively defining sustainability for product categories – An overview of global hotspot initiatives

Rasmus Priess, 2013

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